Municipal Court Office Contact Information, Location and Hours

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  • Normal Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm
  • Juvenile & Truancy Court: Monday evenings starting at 4:00pm


Men's and Women's Restrooms are available in the main hallway. Handicapped Restrooms are also available (2nd floor and Ground floor). The Handicapped Restroom on the 2nd floor is gender neutral.

Baby Changing Station

The nearest baby changing station is available inside the Handicapped Restroom on the 2nd floor.

Mothers' Room/Comfort Room

There is a Mothers' Room available for breastfeeding, chest feeding, and/or expressing breast milk. The Mothers' Room is located on the 2nd floor next to Room 200.

Vending Machines/Café

A café and assorted vending machines are available on the Ground floor for your convenience.

Drinking Fountain

There is a drinking fountain in the main hallway.


The closest ATM is located on the first floor near the Martin Luther King Jr Blvd entrance. Convenience fees may apply.