Plea of Not Guilty

Directions on how to use the Plea of Not Guilty Form

Purpose of Form: To enter a plea of not guilty and receive a date for pretrial.

How to File the Form: The original form must be filed with the court on or before your initial appearance court date. To file the form, you may do one of the following:

  1. Mail the form to: Madison Municipal Court
    210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Room 203
    Madison, WI 53703-3343
  2. Once the City-County Building, where the court is located, is open to the public, you may bring the form to the court office on or before your court date.
  3. Fax the form to Madison Municipal Court: (608) 266-5930
  4. Email the form to: Municipal Court Attach the PDF form as an attachment to the email.

Once the form is filed with the court, you will be notified by mail of your new court date.

Additional Instructions:

The following information must be completed on the form before it can be filed with the court:

  • Defendant's Name: If this is a case against you, fill in your name. THIS INFORMATION IS REQUIRED.
  • Address: Fill in your current mailing address. THIS INFORMATION IS REQUIRED.
  • Citation Number: Fill in the citation number. The citation number is listed in red print on the top of the ticket. THIS INFORMATION IS REQUIRED. If you cannot find your citation number, contact the court.