Snow Plowing Updates

by Charlie Romines, Streets Superintendent
posted February 19, 2020 11:06 AM

The City of Madison has cancelled the snow emergency for this evening, February 19, 2020 into the early morning hours of February 20, 2020. More information about winter parking rules can be found at

On February 19, the Streets Division remains in clean-up mode from the storm. We have plows out applying sand where needed on slippery neighborhood streets. We have crews out attending to school crosswalks, bus stops, alleyways, city-maintained sidewalks, and plowing back areas that had been blocked by obstructions. We also have crews out working on snow removal duties where we scoop up snow from areas that form vision hazards for drivers and other areas. This kind of snow maintenance work will continue on for as long as necessary during normal work hours.

As for tonight, there are some areas within the Snow Emergency Zone need to be plowed back to the curb. Tonight's sub-zero temperatures means the snow will be frozen solid and plow trucks would have a very difficult time trying to clear these spots.

However, the areas that need to be plowed back also have daytime posted parking restrictions.

Instead of continuing the snow emergency an extra night, the Streets Division will have plows in these areas during the posted parking restricted times when relatively warmer temperatures and sun should free up the snow so it could be pushed back to the curb for the streets to be wide and safe.

All commuters and residents who park in areas with posted parking restrictions are encouraged to follow those rules so snow plowing can take place during those posted times.

Streets Division staff will continue monitoring the weather and the roads. Future updates will be provided as operations change.

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