Snow Emergency Zone


The Snow Emergency Zone is the downtown isthmus area, the Vilas, Greenbush, and Bay Creek Neighborhoods, and the Marquette and Atwood neighborhoods south of the railroad tracks and west of Olbrich Park. Boundary streets are not included, except Edgewood Ave.

All streets within the Snow Emergency Zone are also part of the year-round Clean Streets/Clean Lakes street maintenance program. This means the streets have a posted weekly 4-hour parking restriction that will be enforced year-round regardless of weather.

During declared snow emergencies, the Clean Streets/Clean Lakes and the alternate side parking restrictions must be followed.

If you have questions about the Snow Emergency Zone, please contact the Streets Division at:
(608) 246-4532 - East of S Park St
(608) 266-4681 - West of S Park St

If you have questions about parking rules and tickets, please contact Parking Enforcement at:
(608) 266-4622
Contact Parking Enforcement

Parking Rules

If you park in the Snow Emergency Zone, you only need to follow overnight alternate side parking rules during a Declared Snow Emergency.

Posted Parking Rules

All posted parking rules must be followed throughout Madison, even during Declared Snow Emergencies.

One-Sided Parking Streets

Blocks with one-sided parking are exempt from alternate side parking requirements, including during a Declared Snow Emergency.

2019 – 2020 Changes to the Snow Emergency Zone

Streets that are north of Wingra Creek and have a May to November weekly 4-hour parking prohibition will now have these weekly restrictions in place year-round. These streets will now be part of the Snow Emergency Zone. Streets that already have the year-round 4-hour parking restrictions will also be part of the snow emergency zone.

New Parking Restrictions

On the west side, Virginia Terrace will have a new weekly four-hour parking prohibition. Virginia Terrace will also be part of the snow emergency zone.

On the isthmus, E. Gorham from N. Blair St. to N. Ingersoll St. will have a weekly four-hour parking prohibition.

Future Changes

The winter of 2019 – 2020 is the first phase of a larger Snow Emergency Zone. The City of Madison will continue to expand the Snow Emergency Zone and the four-hour parking restrictions in future years.

Regent Neighborhood Snow Emergency Zone Streets

For the winter of 2019 – 2020, only certain streets within the Regent Neighborhood are part of the Snow Emergency Zone. These streets also have a posted year-round 4-hour parking restrictions. These are the individual streets on the west side identified in red on the map above.

The streets in the Snow Emergency Zone are:

  • Virginia Terrace: Regent St to the dead-end
  • Stevens St: N Franklin Ave to Grand Ave
  • Kendall Ave: N Franklin Ave to Lathrop St
  • Chestnut St: Van Hise Ave to University Ave
  • Ash St: Van Hise Ave to Chamberlain Ave
  • Elm St: Van Hise Ave to Chamberlain Ave
  • Walnut St: Chamberlain Ave to University Ave
  • Bascom Pl: Van Hise Ave to Chamberlain Ave
  • Chamberlain Ave: N Allen St to Bascom Pl
  • Forest St: University Ave to Bascom St/Forest St intersection
  • Arlington Pl: Chamberlain Ave to N Prospect Ave
  • Princeton Ave: University Ave to N Prospect Ave
  • Ely Pl: N. Prospect Ave to Summit Ave
  • Summit Ave: Van Hise Ave to Lathrop St
  • Chadbourne Ave: Roby Rd to N Breese Terrace
  • Hoyt St: N. Spooner St to Lathrop St
  • Lathrop St: from Regent St to University Ave