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Every year hundreds of tons of material is sent to the landfill that could easily be reused.

Below are some of the options available to you to prevent usable material from the landfill.

Rummage sale

One of the best ways to your unwanted items reused to hold a rummage sale. A rummage sale is a great way to turn your trash into cash.

Resale stores & donation opportunities

Call these organizations or check their websites before loading your vehicles. Many offer free pick up and it's best to be sure they take what you have.

The ongoing pandemic may have changed what they can accept, or the process to donate.


The above list is not exhaustive. There are other specialty consignment and resale shops, from used bookstores to higher fashion clothes to eclectic treasure shops. Places like the Ronald McDonald House or Gilda's Club accept new items. Certain tools may be donated to The Bodgery. And on and on...

Our community has so many opportunities - you just need to do a little bit of typing.

Simple internet searching search for "resale shops" or "thrift stores" or "donate" plus the item you would like to give away (for example, "donate toys") should reveal additional local resources.

Online exchanges

There are a great many ways online to perform person-to-person exchanges.

Social media channels like Facebook and Nextdoor are a great tool to share usable goods in the neighborhood.

BoxGiver can be used to help share boxes and other packing material with your neighbors.

There are plenty of other online options as well from Craigslist and eBay to relatively newer private companies like LetGo, DeCluttr, 5Miles, and likely many more. Remember to be safe when making the payment and when exchanging the goods.

Building materials

Unneeded or used building materials can find a new home through two reuse facilities in Madison. If you have material that might be useful you can donate it to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore, (608) 661-2813.

Both stores are an excellent place to find bargain materials for your home improvement projects.