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Large items are items that are too large to fit in your refuse cart. This includes furniture, appliances, mattresses, carpets, bicycles, swing sets, etc. Large items do not include large cardboard boxes or extra trash that cannot fit into a full refuse cart.

Schedule a large item pickup and pay recycling fees by filling out a work order. You should also use the work order form to pay fees for items that you are taking to the drop-off site.

Large Item Work Order

Questions about the new work order system? Visit the Work Order FAQ page to learn more.

Curbside Collection

Put your large items on the curb on your set-out date. You will choose this date when you fill out the work order. Our crews will collect your item in the following week.

Truck mounted crane carefully lifting two mattresses that were a little too close to the terrace tree.


  • Keep your large items separate from your carts and other refuse.
  • Keep your large items away from trees, utility poles and wires, mailboxes, fire hydrants, and other obstructions.
  • Items that are out late or are not accessible will not be collected.
  • You do not need a recycling fee sticker for any items you are setting on the curb.


Large item collection may be delayed due to holiday weeks, fall leaf collection, winter snow plowing, severe weather clean-up, or other notable events. We will come to your neighborhood as soon as we can.

Drop-Off Sites

For any items you are bringing to a drop-off site, we will mail you a recycling fee sticker after you fill out the work order.

The item must have the sticker before we can accept it at a drop-off site.

Some items, including televisions, computers, and other electronics, are banned from the landfill. You must take these items to a drop-off site. Do not place these items on the curb for pickup.

Items & Fees

Some large items require a recycling fee.

Items that are shaded gray must be taken to a drop-off site.

View the Recyclopedia for more information about how to dispose of specific items.

Items, Fees, and Special Instructions
Item Fee Special Instructions
Air compressors $35
Air conditioners $35
Blenders None
Boats $35
Carpet and carpet padding None Roll up and bind the rolls with rope or duct tape. If the rolls are over 8 feet long, cut them down or fold them over and secure with rope or duct tape. Carpet and padding may be rolled together.
Computers and computer towers $10 Drop-off only
Copy machines, office sized $35
Dehumidifiers $35
Dishwashers $35
Dryers $35
Exercise equipment None
Fans None
Fluorescent light fixtures $15 Remove bulbs
Freezers $35 Remove doors
Furnaces $35
Furniture None Put on the curb separate from your carts. Do not pile trash on furniture.
Garbage disposals None
Garden tillers $15
Gas grills $15
Gasoline and fuel oil tanks None Empty and drain tanks
Hot tubs $35
Humidifiers None
Ice machines $35
Irons None
Laptops $10 Drop-off only
Large commercial appliances $35
Large medical devices $35
Lawn mowers $15
Leaf shredders $15
Mattresses and box springs None Put on the curb separate from your carts. Do not pile trash on matresses.
Microwave ovens $15
Monitors $10 Drop-off only
Ovens $35
Pianos None
Printers None Drop-off only
Radios None Put in your refuse cart, or take to a drop-off site for recycling.
Ranges $35
Refrigerators, full size $35 Remove doors
Refrigerators, mini or dorm $15
Snow throwers $15
Sofa sleepers None Separate the metal bed frame from the rest of the sofa
Space heaters None
Stereo equipment None Put in your refuse cart, or take to a drop-off site for recycling
Stoves $35
Tanning beds $35 Remove bulbs
Televisions, all sizes $15 Drop-off only
Tires, large truck $10
Tires, on the rim $10
Tires, small vehicle, off the rim $5
Toasters and toaster ovens None
Trash compactors $35
VCRs None Drop-off only
Washers $35
Water coolers $35
Water heaters $35
Water softeners $35
Weed whackers and string trimmers None
Windows None Tape glass to prevent it from breaking
Wood stoves $35

No Collection Available

The following items cannot be collected or taken to a drop-off site. Try the Dane County Recycling & Disposal Directory for options with these items.

  • Concrete
  • Concrete blocks
  • Bricks
  • Rocks, etc.
  • Shingles
  • Chemical containers or drums.
  • Pressurized gas containers.
  • 55 and 30 gallon barrels or drums.
  • Items longer than 8 feet.



Consider donating reusable items to a charity! You can find a list of secondhand stores on the Streets Division's Reuse It! webpage. You can also contact one of the many thrift stores in the area about the item you wish to give away. Many of them offer home pickup, too.

You can also give or sell items in online person-to-person exchanges. There are many online options, including popular neighborhood social media websites.

If you have a usable item you would like to give away, don't set it at the curb with a "free" sign. Rain or snow can ruin the item, and Streets Division crews may collect it before a person who needs it can arrive.

Retailers & Dealers

Many area appliance dealers will haul away old appliances from customers. Several will haul them for a fee. When purchasing a new appliance, ask the retailer about their policy on removing old appliances.

There are also several scrap dealers in town who will accept most old appliances, some charge a fee. Call dealers first for prices and conditions of disposal.

Dealers that accept appliances include:

  • All Metal Recycling: 1802 S. Park St. (608) 255-0960
  • Kruser Recycling : 6421 Edna Taylor Parkway (608) 223-9220
  • Resource Solutions: 5493 Express Cir. (608) 244-5451
  • Alter Recycling: 4400 Sycamore Ave. (608) 241-1571