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Large Item basics

Large items are collected on the regularly scheduled large item pickup day. Sometimes, however, collection can be delayed.

Large items are items considered too large to fit into the refuse cart. 

    • This includes appliances, pianos, furniture, carpets, bicycles, swing sets, etc.

Large items are not oversized cardboard boxes. Or extra household trash that cannot fit into an overstuffed refuse cart.

Certain appliances and other large items require a recycling fee sticker.



About televisions:

Do not place televisions, computers, or computer peripherals (like printers) at the curb as a large item.

They are banned from curbside collection and must be taken to a drop-off site.


Use your tan trash cart:

Smaller trash items that do not require a fee sticker and can fit into the collection cart should be placed inside. You can break up or cut up items like lumber, drywall, toilets, and plumbing fixtures so they fit inside. Remember, the material in your cart cannot weigh more than 100 pounds or stick out more then 18" above the top of the cart.

large item collection rules

Large items should be stacked neatly on the terrace (or road edge).

    • The more organized the piles, the faster and safer our crews can work

Smaller trash items that do not require a fee sticker and can fit into the collection cart should be placed inside.

Large items must be out prior to 6:30am and be placed free from obstruction. Items out late or inaccessible will not be collected.

Many large items are collected with a truck-mounted crane. Avoid overhead obstructions, too, like low wires or tree branches.


Truck mounted crane carefully lifting two mattresses that were a little too close to the terrace tree.

The truck-mounted crane, or clam, lifting two mattresses.



The collection schedule may vary due to weather or holidays. If possible, avoid putting out large items on weeks with a City holiday.

  • East Side information call (608) 246-4532
  • West Side information call (608) 266-4681



Large item collection is not guaranteed to occur on your scheduled day during holiday weeks, fall leaf collection, winter snow plowing, or other notable events (such as while clean-up for a severe weather event is ongoing).

Staff will attempt to work back to make up for lost days when personnel becomes available.


consider donating!

Before you put an item out for collection consider donating reusable items to a charity or give away or sell via online person-to-person exchanges. There are many, many online options, including popular neighborhood social media websites.

For donation options, you can find a list of secondhand stores on the Streets Division's Reuse It! webpage.

If you have a usable item you would like to give away, don't set it at the curb with a "free" sign. Rain or snow can ruin the item, and Streets Division crews may collect it before a person who needs it can arrive. .

Please contact one of the many thrift stores in the area about the item you wish to give away. Many of them offer home pickup, too.

items on the terrace will be collected

By placing an item on the terrace or road edge, and it is your large item collection day, Streets Division crews will collect these items (provided they meet other collection rules, of course).  This includes items like bicycles or items with "free" signs placed on them.

If you have items you do not want the Streets Division to collect, do not place them onto the terrace/right-of-way on the large item collection day.


Special Information


  • Refrigerators and freezers:
    • Doors must be removed.


  • Automobile Tires:
    • A fee is charged for tire collection. Tire collection is limited to residential units only.
      • Just have a rim/wheel? These will be collected if removed from tires.





  • Carpet/Carpet Padding:
    • Roll up and bind the rolls with rope or duct tape..
    • If the rolls are over 8 feet in length, you can cut them down, or fold them over and tie off with rope or use duct tape.
    • Carpet and padding may be rolled together.


  • Furniture:
    • Place at the curb separate from regular trash.
    • Do not pile trash on furniture.
    • Try to donate it before throwing it into the landfill.


  • Fuel Oil and Gasoline Tanks:
    • Will be collected if empty and drained.


  • Gas Grills:
    • A fee is charged. No fee for charcoal grills.



  • Lawn Mowers, Tillers, Snow Throwers:
    • A fee is charged.


  • Mattresses and Box Springs:
    • Place at the curb separate from regular trash.
    • Do not pile trash on bedding.
    • Mattresses and box springs are recycled. There is no longer a fee for this service.


  • Metal and wood poles:
    • Poles will be collected if concrete bases are removed. Ones filled with concrete will not be picked up.
    • The concrete will not be collected by the Streets Division. It must be taken to the Dane County Landfill.


  • Propane Tanks:
    • Five gallon tanks will be accepted at drop off sites ONLY.
    • Tanks must be completely empty and brought to the site with all valves open. Tanks with propane should be taken back to propane dealers.


  • Sofa Sleepers:
    • If possible, separate the metal bed frame from the rest of the unit. This will allow us to recycle the metal. Place the frame next to the rest of the sofa for collection.


  • Windows:
    • Tape glass to prevent breakage.

The Following Items Will NOT be Collected

Try the Dane County Recycling & Disposal Directory for options with these items.

  • Concrete
  • Concrete blocks
  • Bricks
  • Rocks, etc.
  • Shingles
  • Chemical containers or drums.
  • Pressurized gas containers.
  • 55 and 30 gallon barrels or drums.
  • Items longer than 8 feet.


quick reference

Large item rules and regulations for downloading or printing: