Last Updated: 10/25/2022

Oak Street Assessment District – 2019

Construction Update

Project is complete.

Project Description

The project includes street improvements and public utility replacement including sanitary sewer main and laterals, water main and storm sewer. The gravel base, curb and gutter and asphalt will be removed and replaced. Driveway aprons will be constructed with concrete. Existing sidewalk will be spot replaced as needed.

This project will install sanitary sewer backwater valves to provide properties with additional protection from backups. An example of what the backwater valve will look like can be found here: Backwater Valve

FAQ's for backwater valves:

What are they?

- A vertical standpipe pipe with a flapper valve that prevents wastewater from flowing into a basement (see display)

Where are they located?

- Near to sidewalk

Why are we proposing them here?

- Homes built prior to 1980 are not protected by a functional sewer backwater valves and are at risk of backups

- May prevent wastewater from a surcharged sewer or water from a water main break from entering the basement

- Extreme wet weather events are becoming more common in Madison and as such, the frequency of backups into basements not equipped with a functional backwater valve is likely to increase.

How much do they cost?

- City will pay 75% of the backwater valve and installation cost (City cost share amount up to $1,500)

What is needed for maintenance?

- Backwater valves like sewer laterals are owned by the property owner and require scheduled maintenance to ensure proper function.

Do property owners have to participate?

- No, property owners who do not want a backwater valve installed with the street reconstruction project can contact the project manager listed below and remove the backwater valve from the project.

Project Limits

Union Street to East Washington Avenue

Project Schedule

Construction Summer/Fall: 2019

Flood Prevention Tips

Did you experience flooding on or near your property, or witness flooded public areas such as a street, park, bike path, or greenway? We would like to hear from you. Please fill out the self-report form at This information will be used to assist with storm sewer design, and for future budgeting purposes.

The flood prevention tips PDF below shows and discusses the City’s flooding initiatives and provides educational information for homeowners to better assist them in managing storm water on their property.
Flood Prevention Tips

Public Information Meeting

The City held a public information meeting on Monday, March 18, 2019 at the Goodman Community Center. The presentation and handout from the meeting can be found here: