Set a Default Printer

  • Click on your Windows Start Button.
  • Click "Devices and Printers".
  • Right click on the printer you want to be your default.
  • Click "Set As Default Printer".

Documents Not Printing

If you're trying to print to your local printer, such as a HP Deskjet, there maybe something wrong with the physical connection. Check to see that the printer is turned on, and is online. Assure the printer cable coming from the back of the printer to the back of your PC is connected. If you're still having problems printing, call the Helpdesk.

To check if your print files are queued to the printer, click on Start > Devices and Printers. Double click on your printer. If you see a document printing, and spooling, your printer may have to be re-installed. Call the Helpdesk.

If you don't see any document queued, double check your default printer; the document may be printing on another printer. If you're still having problems, call the Helpdesk.

Printer Service & Cleaning

If you are getting service code errors on your printer, or if your printer needs cleaning, contact the Helpdesk.

Cancel a Print Job

If this is your local printer (the printer directly connected to your PC), turn the printer off. Click on Start > Devices and Printers. Double click on the printer, and click Printer > Cancel All Documents.

If this is your network printer, it may have a cancel print button located on the front panel, this will cancel some print jobs. Always try turning the printer off/on.