Last Updated: 09/05/2017

Olbrich Gardens uses a significant amount of hot water for plant fertilizer, plant irrigation and for standard domestic uses.  Currently this hot water is generated with traditional natural gas hot water heaters. When this solar heating system is complete a 50% reduction in gas use is expected.  The system, designed by Hein Engineering Group with assistance from (mp)2 Structural Engineers and Sustainable Engineering Group, consists of (20) 4’x10’ solar collector panels mounted on the roof over the headhouse, an 800 gallon storage tank inside the headhouse and associated heat exchangers, piping, insulation, pumps and controls. The system will include a “green screen” display in the lobby that can be viewed by the public for education and for facility staff to track performance.

City User Agency: Olbrich Gardens

Design and Planning: January – June 2016
1st Advertisement of Bid: July 2016 (7784)
Bid Due Date: August 2016 (7784)
Construction Start Date: Spring 2017
Expected Completion Date: Summer 2017

City staff are self performing this work.

Previously bid twice as Public Works contract #7696 (no responsive bidders); #7784 (only one responsible bid received; bid opened but not accepted due to being over budget).
The steelwork for this will be procured through a forthcoming public works contract in March 2017.
The major components of the system (solar collectors, storage tank and heat exchangers) will be procured through City of Madison Purchasing (purchase orders).

Solar Panel Installation
Olbrich Solar H2O

Project History:

March 16, 2016  File #41961
Approval of Plans & Specs and authorization to advertise and receive bids.

July 20, 2016  File #43765
Single bid received, bid not opened.

August 17, 2016  File #44002
All bids were over estimate.