Final approval for all Surveillance Technology Requests are determined by the Mayor and Common Council Leadership. Information Technology (IT) will first review the security and infrastructure elements of your request to ensure the product meets the City’s technology standards. Following the completion of this review, all requests must be approved by the Mayor and Common Council Leadership.


  • “ExacQ” means the City’s Enterprise Camera System management software.
  • “Camera type” means the type of camera being used or requested. Examples of camera types include, but are not limited to: fixed, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ), and panoramic.
  • “Camera functionality” means the functions of a camera. Examples of camera functionality include: what direction is the camera facing, can it capture and record audio, what is the field-of-view for the camera, etc.
  • Please refer to MGO Sec. 23.63(2) for more definitions related to Surveillance Technology.

Surveillance Technology Request Process

  1. Review the Surveillance Technology Ordinance

    Thoroughly review the Surveillance Technology Ordinance to ensure proper compliance.

  2. Review APM 3-17

    Thoroughly review the APM 3-17 to ensure proper compliance.

  3. Determine Request Type

    Please answer the following questions to move forward in the process.

    Note that the City’s enterprise camera system management software is ExacQ.

    Are you replacing a surveillance camera on the City’s Enterprise Camera System?

    • If yes:
      • Is the replacement camera the same camera type with the same functionality as the old camera? An example of different functionality would be replacing a static camera with a pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera.
      • Is the camera being installed facing the same direction as the current camera?
        • If no, proceed to step 5 (surveillance camera additions & changes).

    Information Technology EmployeeNet: Surveillance Technology - Camera Types Chart

    • If no:
      • Please move to the next question.

    Are you requesting to add a surveillance camera to the City’s Enterprise Camera System?

    • If yes:
      • Was the camera type previously-approved by the Council?
        • Yes: Proceed to step 5 (surveillance camera additions & changes).
        • No: Proceed to step 5 (budget request or resolution).

    Are you requesting new surveillance hardware, software, or both?

    • Proceed to step 4 (initial approval).
  4. Initial Approval

    Please submit a New Software Request for all new surveillance technology requests.

    Once your request completes the New Software or IT Hardware request process, IT, Finance, Attorney, and Risk Management will give your request an initial approval. Please save the confirmation email of this initial approval to move forward in the process.

  5. Common Council Review

    Upon the initial approval, forward your approval confirmation email to your mayoral leadership contact and the Council Office to begin the Common Council review process.

    Annual Budget Requests

    As part of the annual budget request process, departments should notify the Mayor, Common Council Leadership, and the Information Technology Director of any requests to purchase, acquire, or contract for the use of new Surveillance Technology. If the Mayor or Common Council Leadership request that a department notify residents, the department will collect feedback and comments from residents. If requested by the Mayor or Common Council Leadership, the department will also hold a public meeting. The department will post a notice of the intent to obtain or use Surveillance Technology on their website.

    Submit a Resolution to the Council

    If a department needs to acquire or contract Surveillance Technology outside the budget process, the department is required to submit a resolution to the Common Council that includes the information found in MGO Sec. 23.63(4)(a).

    Surveillance Camera Additions & Changes

    If a department needs to move a camera location on the City-wide enterprise camera system, activates new camera functions not previously approved, or adds a new camera of a previously-approved type, the department will notify the Mayor and Common Council leadership and the Alder(s) of the affected district(s) unless exempt under the definition of Surveillance Technology in MGO Sec. 23.63(2).

    The Mayor, Common Council Leadership, or Alder(s) of the affected district(s) will coordinate with the department to notify the residents, including creating a variety of notification and outreach mechanisms for residents to submit feedback and comments. The department will hold a public meeting if requested by the Mayor, Common Council Leadership, or the Alder of the district where the camera is located. Sensitive Surveillance Technology and data that is not suitable for public release are excluded from this requirement, see MGO Sec. 26.63(6)(d). 

    After you have obtained approval from the Common Council, please email the Help Desk of the pending camera replacement or addition. Please include the location of the camera.

  6. Submit an Annual Surveillance Technology Report

    Agencies are required to submit a Surveillance Technology Use annual report to the Common Council by June 1. Please use the Annual Surveillance Technology Report Template when submitting your annual reports.

    Reporting Process per APM 3-17
    1. Each Department will conduct an annual review of its Surveillance Technology and ensure compliance with MGO Sec. 23.63.
    2. Each Department will complete an Annual Surveillance Technology Report which will be submitted to the Common Council through a resolution. The Annual Surveillance Technology Report will include:
      1. An inventory of current Surveillance Technology and the applicable policies.
      2. How the Department has used the data collected by its Surveillance Technology.
      3. How any Surveillance Data is being shared with other entities.
      4. How well Surveillance Data management protocols are safeguarding individual information.
      5. Whether the Department has received any complaints or concerns about its Surveillance Technology use and the resolution of said complaints.
    3. All Departments will submit their Annual Surveillance Technology Report to the Common Council Office by June 1 of the subsequent year.
    4. The Common Council Office will compile all submitted Annual Surveillance Technology Reports and submit the reports via a resolution to the Common Council by July 1.