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Mall Concourse/State Street Maintenance

Mall Maintenance is a City of Madison service within the Parks Division, that provides cleaning and maintenance services for city sidewalks in the greater State Street and Capitol Square area (also known as "State Street Mall - Capitol Concourse").

These services are provided in recognition of the unique status and function of central downtown. Mall Maintenance services support economic development and quality of life both downtown and citywide.

Mall Maintenance is separate from the Central Business Improvement District (BID), even though their areas overlap. They are separate entities, and funded separately.

Mall Maintenance Services: Year round, seven days a week

  • Sidewalk snow and ice removal on service area frontages. Snow removal from the street is managed by the Streets Division. Snow removal from sidewalks not within the special charges district is the responsibility of the property owners.
  • Daily trash collection public receptacles, recycling and leaf/debris collection as needed. (Sidewalk snow removal takes priority during winter storms).
  • Bus shelter cleaning and route sign maintenance with power washing as required.
  • Seasonal banner changes on State Street and Capitol Square.
  • Turf and landscape maintenance - Mowing/trimming, fertilization, and irrigation of Square and State Street grass islands and Lisa Link Peace Park. Assist Olbrich Botanical Gardens and the Business Improvement District with the floral/planting program.
  • Hardscape maintenance - sweep walks, power wash seating areas as needed, and install benches, bike racks, and refuse containers.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the Visitor Center.
  • Mall Concourse Sidewalk Washing Program
  • Presentation of Services

Mall Maintenance Funding

Costs for services are shared equally by the City and property owners.

Mall Maintenance Billing

Property owner charges are calculated in the fall, based on actual expenditures for the September 1-August 31 service year and are charged in arrears. Charges are normally included on the subsequent annual property tax bill. Only properties receiving services are charged. Charges are allocated based upon parcel size (square footage) and street frontage (linear feet). In certain areas the service area is extended to cover sidewalks leading to City parking lots and ramps. For more information on how these charges are calculated please see Charges Diagram.

State Street Landscaping

The Mall Concourse is very fortunate to be able to partner with Olbrich Gardens for installation of annual flower displays in the large planter tubs. Olbrich selects the plants, then uses the planting days as an opportunity to expose their summer interns to the joys and challenges of designing and planting in an urban setting. The interns also provide plant maintenance and watering help throughout the summer to keep everything looking good.

Another valuable partner is the Business Improvement District, which provides the spring pansies for the planters and annuals for three downtown planting beds, as well as the winter evergreen boughs and planter decorations, through a contract with Lone Oak Interests. Watering of the pots twice weekly throughout the growing season is funded by the BID.

Mall Concourse Maintenance is also responsible for a collection of very challenging planting beds in the 500 and 600 blocks of State Street. We tried, in a cooperative effort between Olbrich Gardens, Lone Oak Interests, and Mall Concourse Maintenance, to establish the hardiest and most abuse-tolerant perennials in these beds. Unfortunately this was not successful. We're now exploring the possibility of a combination of organic mulch and large portable planters placed within the beds.

The planting beds in the 200 block of State have fared better. They're filled with a mix of Hosta varieties, supplemented with coordinating perennials. The shady location and less intensive foot traffic through the beds have allowed these plants to thrive.


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