Thank you for your interest in working with Information Technology! In order to best serve our customers, we use the definitions below for differentiating between project and service requests.

Project Request


A request that is temporary in nature and results in a new, modified or retired good or service. Projects include defined scope, timelines, resources and deliverables.


  • Creating a new agency website.
  • Developing digital signage for bus stops.
  • Conducting an assessment of the City's Active Directory environment.

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Project Process

The IT Project Process is based on ITIL and other industry best practices. This is an evolving process, as we are constantly reevaluating and making changes as we continue to learn from our experiences.

IT Project Process flow chart
Service Request


A request from a user, or a user's Authorized Contact, that initiates a service action that has already been agreed upon as a normal part of service delivery.


  • Creating a new Active Directory group.
  • Resetting a password.
  • Installing a workstation for a new employee.

Please submit all service requests to the HelpDesk.