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Planning Division employees are working remotely part-time. For this reason, please call 608-266-4635 for general Planning assistance, or to find the best contact for making an appointment for an in-person meeting.

Please view all impacts to City services on the City’s COVID-19 website.


June 14, 2021 Update:

As a reminder, application should continue to be filed digitally:

Staff are currently only accepting digital (PDF) submittals - not paper - for all Land Use, Subdivision, and Urban Design Commission (UDC) applications. While the required submittal format has changed, the list of required submittal materials for the relevant application(s) has not. The same submittal deadlines apply, as noted on the current Development Review Schedule. Note: a version with both the 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 schedules is now available online. Please note that submittal deadlines have now moved to Mondays at 12:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted.

Land Use Applications: See Page 5 of the Land Use Application. All submittal materials shall be emailed to Final “Sign-Off” plans (i.e. plans submitted after project has received approval from all required review bodies, as required by M.G.O.), shall be emailed to Note: there are now additional submittal requirements for PDFs. Please review Pages 3 & 4 of the Land Use Application before submitting.

Urban Design Commission (UDC) Applications: See Page 2 of the UDC Application. All submittal materials shall be sent to UDCapplications@cityofmadison.comFinal “Sign-Off” plans (i.e. for projects which have received final approval from the UDC), shall also be emailed to

Landmarks Commission Applications: See Page 2 of the Landmarks Commission Application. All submittal materials, shall be sent to

Subdivision/Land Division Applications: See Page 2 of the Subdivision Application. All submittal materials shall be emailed to Note: PDFs of the letter of intent and Plat/CSM must be created from source data (Word, CAD, etc.). Scans of anything - except the signed application form - will not be accepted. Please contact with questions.

File Size: Please note that an individual email cannot exceed 20 MB. It is the responsibility of the applicant to present files in a manner that can be accepted. If dividing the submittal materials into multiple, smaller components (in order to meet the email size limit), please clearly indicate the total number of email components in the subject line (e.g.: “Land Use Application for 123 Elm Street - email 1 of 4”, “…2 of 4”, etc.) and label the email attachments accordingly (e.g.: “Site Plan 1 of 3”, “…2 of 3”, etc.). Please email regarding questions on this submittal or alternative filing options.

Review Fee Payments. The fee can be mailed in, dropped in the drop box at the Madison Municipal Building, or you can make an appointment at the Zoning counter to pay the fee. Checks should be made out to “City Treasurer.” If you mail in the check or use the drop box, please include the application form with the project address, contact information, and brief description of the project. Staff typically suggest using the drop box or making an appointment with the Zoning counter to pay the fee as they are the quickest.


Mailing Address

City of Madison Building Inspection. P.O. Box 2984. Madison, WI 53701-2984


Drop Box Location

Madison Municipal Building, Doty Street Entrance. 215 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Madison, WI  53701-2984


Zoning Counter Appointment



Madison helps implement our plans through the review of development proposals. There are different development processes, based on the type of request. The City's Zoning Ordinance establishes the permitted land uses, as well as design and development standards such as height and density. Wisconsin state law requires that zoning must be consistent with adopted plans. Many development proposals are permitted under the Zoning Ordinance. These permitted uses do not require any type of public review. In such instances, the property owner, developer or builder submits plans to the City. If the proposal complies with all applicable codes and ordinances, it may be approved administratively and construction may begin following the issuance of building permits.

Other new developments in the City of Madison require approvals by City boards (i.e. Plan Commission, Urban Design Commission, Landmarks Commission) and/or the Common Council. Such proposals may include subdivisions, rezonings, conditional uses, and/or demolitions. Development proposals of this nature are reviewed for their consistency with adopted plans and are reviewed by City agencies for conformance with applicable requirements and guidelines. To determine what level of permitting and reviews a project needs, visit the City of Madison's Development Services Center. Of note, the following is the list of project types (with links to follow for more information) that the Planning Division coordinates the review of:


To view projects currently under review and in control of the Plan Commission, visit the Current Development Proposals page.


To view the previously reviewed projects dating back to 2013, please visit the appropriate link below:


Last Updated: 02/24/2022

Development Resources

  • Development Services Center - Site with information related to the City's Development Review process including: Conditional Uses, Demolition Permits, Rezonings, Subdivisions, Annexation of Land, Zoning Variances, Landmarks & Construction in Historic Districts, and Urban Design Approvals.







  • Chapter 16 - General Planning - Ordinance outlining the Plan Commission's composition, powers and duties; Land Subdivision Regulations (including Extraterritorial reviews); Plats & Certified Surveys (CSMs); and Condominium Instrument reviews.
  • Chapter 28 - The Zoning Code - Specifies how and for what purpose each parcel of private real estate may be used. Includes the definitions of and associated regulations of the City's various land use districts; proceedures and approval standards associated with several types of land use development requests (Conditional Uses, Demolitions, Rezonings, etc.), etc.
  • Chapter 31 - The Sign Ordinance - Ordinance outlining the City's regulation of the various signs displayed within the city limits.
  • Section 33.19 - The Landmarks Commission - Ordinance outlining the Commission's composition, powers and duties.
  • Section 33.24 - The Urban Design Commission - Ordinance outlining the Commission's composition, powers and duties.



Contact Us

Kevin Firchow - Principal Planner, Development Review, (608) 267-1150

Tim Parks - Planner, Development Review, (608) 261-9632

Chris Wells - Planner, Development Review, (608) 261-9135

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Lisa McNabola - Planner, Development Review, (608) 243-0554

Heather Bailey - Landmarks Commission Secretary, (608) 266-6552

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