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 Use the interactive map above or scroll down to find information regarding neighborhood associations and neighborhood and community centersA printable map of neighborhood associations can be found here.  Information about neighborhood planning councils is below.

Information about neighborhood business associations is maintained by the Economic Development division.


Neighborhood and Community Centers

Neighborhood Centers

Neighborhood centers provide resident-focused services and activities, and spaces for neighborhood-oriented activities, public gatherings and programming that meets the needs of the surrounding community. Successful neighborhood centers are widely viewed as an asset the surrounding community, providing a safe and welcoming place for all residents, with a particular emphasis on benefitting lower-income households.

Badger Rock Neighborhood Center • 501 East Badger Rd • 608-960-4615

Bayview Foundation Inc • 601 Bay View • 608-256-7808

Boys & Girls Club - Allied Center • 4619 Jenewein Rd • 608-257-2606

Boys & Girls Club - Taft Center • 2001 Taft St • 608-257-2606

Bridge/Lake Point/Waunona Neighborhood Center • 1917 Lake Point Dr • 608-441-6991

East Madison Community Center • 8 Straubel Ct • 608-249-0861

Elver Park Neighborhood Center • 1201 McKenna Blvd • 608-267-9782

Goodman Community Center • 149 Wabesa St • 608-241-1574

Kennedy Heights Community Center • 199 Kennedy Heights • 608-244-0767

Lussier Community Education Center • 55 South Gammon Rd • 608-833-4979

Madison Senior Center • 330 West Mifflin St • 608-266-6581

Meadowood Neighborhood Center (MSCR) • 5734 Raymond Road • 608-467-8360

Neighborhood House Community Center • 29 South Mills Street • 608-255-5337

NewBridge East (senior) • 4142 Monona Drive • 608-512-0000

NewBridge North (senior) • 1625 Northport Drive #125 • 608-512-0000

NewBridge West (senior) • 5724 Raymond Road • 608-512-0000

Northport Community Learning Center • 1740 Northport Drive • 608-249-9281

Packers Community Learning Center • 1927 Northport Drive • 608-249-0160

Southwest Madison Employment Center • 1233 McKenna Blvd • 608-729-1200

Theresa Terrace Neighborhood Center • 1409 Theresa Terrace • 608-210-1646

Vera Court Neighborhood Center • 614 Vera Court • 608-246-8372

Warner Park Community Recreation Center • 1625 Northport Drive • 608-245-3690

Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center • 953 Jenifer Street • 608-257-4576



Neighborhood Associations

Neighborhood Associations

Information about each neighborhood associations recognized by the City of Madison can be found at the links below, including contact information and meeting dates and times.  Note that some information on these pages is provided by the neighbhorood association and not the City of Madison.  Update neighborhood association contact information here.

Neighborhood Planning Councils

Neighborhood Planning Councils support neighborhood organizations achieve larger goals of community development, planning, economic development and capacity building.  The City of Madison actively assisted in establishing these organizations and has provided ongoing support.  Neighborhood Planning Council boundaries can be found here.

Last Updated: 12/10/2019

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